Dr. Iryna Khutorna

Dr.Iryna Khurorna

Dear colleagues! The idea of creating a multi-brand company that not only offers quality products in the field of aesthetic medicine, but also teaches how to properly and safely use them, did not come to me by accident.

I, being a young doctor, always took pleasure in the study of the scientific information relating my area of specialization, having my own experience that enabled me to come to conclusions about the effectiveness of a different techniques contouring, about what preparations are worthy of attention, and what solutions to use with care.

To young doctors of aesthetic medicine, at that time, always lacked detailed information. We collected the particles of this information by attending international congresses and symposium.

I remember seminars from that time, only a few of brave doctors gave the workshops, as there were no standards in aesthetic medicine so all of us - doctors and patients have attended in a voluntary experiment.

I know now, after 20 years working in dermatology and 17 years on aesthetic medicine, that I have enough experience in the field to share my views on aesthetic medicine.

I can say with confidence that cosmetology is primarily medicine and any drugs that enter the human body whether it be vitamins, creams, serums, and even more mesotherapeutic cocktails or fillers must be completely safe, because the correction of wrinkles and improvement of appearance never are assigned for health reasons, so patients are less likely to expect any complications or threats to their health in the aesthetic clinic.

I can say that all drugs sold through Artmedcy Ltd are safe and effective and high-quality.

From my own experience I became convinced that they do not have long-term negative side-effects. Each of these products, I, as a doctor, I used for myself and for my patients over the years, marking an extremely favorable effect.

I know, that products in the Artmedcy Ltd portfolio are worthy of their use in practice of doctors of aesthetic medicine in Europe and in Cyprus.

Following the main principle of medicine -"do no harm", we emphasize that promotion of Artmedcy LTD products and for me personally, it's not just a beautiful business, but it's also is a combination of medical experience as well as a business opportunity, exchange of useful information and to maintain a level of knowledge, and I will be glad to be helpful to those who need a creative approach to medicine.

I would be delighted to answer any professional questions you may have. I wish to all creative successes.